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Automotive Marketing Lists
  • Auto Loan/Lease Expiration Filters
    • Number of Months remaining on Loan
    • Number of Months remaining on Lease
    • Age
    • Income
    • Hispanic Surname
    • Search anywhere in the U.S.A by:
      • States
      • Counties
      • Zip Codes (usually at least 10)

  • Auto Title Transfer / Auto Warranty Filters
    • Target number of days since purchased vehicle (usually within last 4-10 days)
    • Year
    • Make
    • Model
    • Vin #
    • Income
    • Age
    • Homeowner
    • Search anywhere in the U.S.A by:
      • States
      • Counties
      • Zip Codes (usually at least 10)

  • First Time Car Buyer Filters
    • Number of auto trade lines
    • Age
    • Income
    • Hispanic Surname
    • Search anywhere in the U.S.A by:
      • States
      • Counties
      • Zip Codes (usually at least 10)

  • Year, Make & Model Filters
    • Year, Make & Model
    • Vin # (on approval)
    • Income
    • Age
    • Homeowner
    • Search anywhere in the U.S.A by:
      • States
      • Counties
      • Zip Codes (usually at least 10)

Information included in csv or excel file:
Name, address, city, state, zip & any filter used

Auto Loan/Lease Expiration List Info
Our Auto Loan & Lease Expiration Data is ideal to target people that have their loan or lease expiring in the coming months. You can use our auto loan data for a direct mail or telemarketing. This auto data can be pinpointed to create the customers you need and generate the auto leads you want so you don't have to guess what client's you might bring in with your marketing, instead bring in the people you want.

Auto Title Data: Recent Title Transfers vs. Standard (Year, Make & Model)
Many companies offer auto title data in the form of year make and model along with VIN for consumers using Shelby act compliant sources. However, very few actually source recent title transfers for both weekly and monthly auto warranty title transfers. Getting your company in front of prospects quickly means getting the most up to data information as soon as it is compiled.

Regardless of whether you are looking at recent title transfers or just year make model data, we offer the following filters on all records:
  • Vehicle Year Make and Model
  • VIN Numbers where available
  • Phone, Email and Physical Address (standard data comes with physical address)
  • Demographic Overlay (income, age, residency, home ownership, etc...)
  • Estimated Fico score and more...
Recent Title Transfers List Info
Obtain weekly and or monthly updated new title holders with year make and model as well as vehicle identification number and other available selects. State laws vary and some states update the information more frequently than others. Some of our competitors may claim an inside source or other method but we have done the hard research and know the states that have regular 3rd party, non DMV sources that can indirectly identify recent title transfers though in these states the update may only be monthly whereas in other states with less stringent DMV laws, this information is updated weekly.

Auto Warranty List Info
Auto Warranty companies that are looking for the best in year make model and newly titled vehicle owners should look no further than Diverse Data's comprehensive data marketing solutions for vehicle after-market warranty companies.

With weekly updated recent title transfer data including year make model and VIN, you will have the perfect audience to send a direct mail offer. If you run out of the newly title data, we have standard year make model that may be perfect candidates for your vehicle warranty offer.

Maximizing the potential of our clients database is our purpose. We have solutions from personalized URL and web-based re-marketing to telemarketing hot transfers for any type of year, make or model you are looking to warranty. Partner with our co-op mailers including:

- Recall Mailers
- Dealerships service mailers
- National Chain - - Brake, Tire, & other specialty automotive services

We encourage strong incentives, partnerships with local dealerships and service centers to drive traffic and interest in your warranty. Recall offers work as well to generate interest but make sure that you are partnering with the right dealerships that can actually offer a recall fix because if not, you will have unhappy partners.

We have turn-key programs with large service companies and dealerships. If you are looking to set up a direct mail program that works right from the start, please give us a chance to help you succeed.

First Time Car Buyers List Info
This First Time Car Buyers List is great for telemarketing or direct mail. This first time car buyers list can help you generate auto sales leads with direct mail or telemarketing. By generating your own auto leads it helps decrease the competition and increase the profit margin and will help you build your own auto lead generation.

This is self reported information through surveys, direct mail, online and many other marketing methods. This diabetes list is great to generate leads through direct mail if you have a strong mail piece to catch the potential prospects eye.

Vehicle Year, Make, & Model Database Info
Standard data for any specialty industry that needs to target consumers that own specific vehicle years, makes and models. Our database is one of the most comprehensive and updates weekly with newly titled as well as outputs such as VIN and other vehicle specific information. Whether you are a specialty BMW parts dealer or a company that sells after-market warranties, the automobile year make and model database is ideal.

Contact us today for additional information to get a count of available records in your area.

Our Lists will HELP you generate New Business in All 50 states through Direct Marketing.

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